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Savory Subtly Sweet Brie Cheesecake


celebrate a special day

Every day is special with a Brie cheesecake 

At our bakery, we've crafted a truly unique and mouthwatering creation – a savory, subtly sweet Brie cheesecake.To keep things exciting we have exclusive seasonal flavors and we occasionally introduce holiday specials that will tantalize your taste buds.

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The Briecakemood Story

Leah E.B. Ogle :: Owner & Executive Chef

After graduating from Jacksonville University and earning a post-graduate diploma in baking & pastry arts, Leah set her sights on making exceptional & artistic baked goods. In an effort to make a more perfect cheesecake, she decided Brie was the most appropriate ingredient to add an unforgettable savory touch. The resulting Briecake has been refined (recipe no.09) to create a perfect experience of not-too-sweet, savory, satisfaction.

John T. Ogle :: General Secretary

John plays a central role in our operations, combining his business expertise with a personable touch to ensure every interaction exceeds expectations.

Elevate every occasion.

our Brie cheesecakes


Lighter, less sweet, and simply delicious. Explore our original masterpiece and discover exclusive seasonal and holiday flavors. Experience cheesecakes that set the standard for excellence.